How much money do you get for donating sperm?

Curious to learn how much do sperm donors get paid? Sperm donor compensation with Fairfax Cryobank reimburses donors for their time and commute into the nearest sperm bank. Read more below to learn about how much you get paid for sperm donation.

How much do sperm donors get paid?

How much does sperm donation pay?

Once accepted into the program, sperm donors are reimbursed for their commute, expenses, and time for each appointment.

Our sperm donation program allows for flexible appointments to work around your busy schedule, on average 1-2 hours per week.

Sperm Donor Pay FAQ

How much money do you get paid for donating sperm? How much for each donation?
On average, sperm donors are paid between $100-$150 per donation visit. Donating 1-2 times per week, donors earn an average of $4000 in 6 months. This varies by location and donor.
Ready to become a sperm donor?
Apply now to get started! Sperm donors are paid up to $4000 over 6 months on average, which varies due to the frequency of donations, location, individual donor, etc.
How can I make more money as a sperm donor?
Looking to earn a little extra money as a sperm donor?
  • Improve sperm donation quality to ensure regular donation appointments meet our standards.
  • Discuss any donor bonus opportunities with your local team (student bonus, frequent donation bonus, and more!)
  • Refer your friend to become a sperm donor and we'll pay you a referral fee. Tell qualified candidates to apply and place your name as their referral source. Any referrals who are accepted into the program can earn you an extra $1000 - $2000!
  • Discuss these opportunities with your sperm bank lab team, once you are accepted into the program
When do I get paid for my donations?
Once accepted, donors will receive regularly scheduled paychecks. No cash payments or same-day payments are available. Regular paychecks include appointment earnings, plus additional compensation for completed donor responsibilities and bonus opportunities.

Ready to become a sperm donor?