What Donors are Saying

Please note, our donor’s identifying information is kept confidential.

Everything about the experience has been amazing. Coming into this I was definitely skeptical and even considered not following through after I found out I qualified. After thinking about how helpful the program is to so many individuals and the fact that I could be a part of it, I knew this was a great opportunity.
This is a great program to be a part of!
The staff makes what could be quite an awkward situation, extremely comfortable
I like that I’m helping infertile couples. It is also a great flexible way to earn extra cash.
The staff is very friendly and casual while still maintaining a professional demeanor. Through their interaction I feel less like I am going to a horrible doctor’s visit, which is very important because helping people through this program shouldn’t feel like a hassle.
I feel good about possibly making a difference in someone’s life.
I like being a donor because I am able to help families achieve a happiness that nearly everyone desires.
I like being able to help couples achieve a dream that they might not be able to achieve on their own. This idea of helping others also helps me stay committed to the program for as long as I am able.
The people in the lab are extremely nice, competent, and make you feel relaxed. Being a donor can be a little uncomfortable at times, but everyone who works there is very professional and makes you feel at ease.
It’s a comfortable atmosphere, the paychecks are a great way to buy things I normally can’t splurge on, and the satisfaction of helping others keeps me coming back.
I appreciate that my particular program site is willing to work with my schedule, and being a donor is something that I want to do.
This is a low time commitment program, with great compensation.
My experience in the donor program has been great! It is very relaxed and comfortable.